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The health of our children is very important to us. Vaccination campaigns, promotion of hygiene and training for our doctors and nurses reduces the risk of serious illnesses and at the same time encourages the children to take care of themselves and their health.



Many children are traumatised when they arrive at NPH. They may have lost their parents or have suffered maltreatment. With our NPH family children find safety, security, acceptance and love. We give individual support to each child, taking into account his or her skills and talents.

Christian Values

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Christian values including faith, love and charity serve as a basis for living together in our big family. Through Christian education our children treat others with kindness and respect, see the needs of others and help their neighbors as best as they can.



Education is the key to a better life. That's why all NPH homes provide an extensive range of educational opportunities for our children; from Montessori preschool, primary and secondary schools, through to vocational schools and university education.

Community Services

Soziales Engagement

The communities in which we live are part of our large extended family. Their children attend our education facilities, and our medical facilities are open to community members. We support families in extreme situations as part of our community services through the supply of food and water. Often, our older children are active participants in such programs.



All NPH homes have leadership groups who organise activities, help integrate new arrivals and initiate or support community service programs.

We founded the NPH Leadership Institute in Seattle in 2011. The Institute helps young adults to develop their leadership skills.


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Ecology and economy are closely connected topics for us. We aim to conserve resources as much as we can. This is why some of our homes have installed solar systems to provide a renewable source of energy. We also use water treatment systems to provide clean drinking water. Our agriculture and in some cases animal breeding activities complement our ecological concept.

More questions about NPH?

If you have any questions about NPH, please email us at info(at) and one of our volunteers will respond to you as soon as possible.