Een toekomstige douanier

A Future Customs Professional

Julio, 20, El Salvador

A good salary is not expected n El Salvador without a professional career. Even people with degrees are hired only for manual jobs that pay a minimum salary. With a secondary education, people must work for less than the minimum salary. This is why higher education is so important for our youth.

Julio's goal is to become a customs professional and work for the government. He was ten years old when he arrived at our home in El Salvador. Without ever knowing his father, his mother abandoned him when he was three years old. Julio remembers that he lived with a family, but there were problems that were traumatic and he had to move to another home for a few months.  

Julio has been very thankful to all the gifts he has received at the NPH home. He reflects on Father Wasson's philosophy, “To love each other as ourselves.” In other words, to act like the way you already do in helping children without knowing them.  

Julio is now in his second year studying Customs and Logistics. He has to live outside of our NPH home, and his expenses have increased. He is confident that one day he will give back to the NPH family who has been helping him to become a professional.