Celebrating Josselines Achievements

Celebrating Josseline's Achievements

Josseline, 12, El Salvador

For most children, severe trauma and malnutrition affect their cognitive learning abilities.  At our home in El Salvador the NeuroNet program addresses these issues and has been successful in helping students like Josseline who has challenges learning, processing and retaining information.

Josseline came to our home in January of 2001, with her brother William when she was only two years old.  Her mother abandoned the children when Josseline was only one year old.  Her father, who is mentally handicapped, could not care for her and her brother. Josseline also had some cognitive difficulties, so she was taken to Children’s National Hospital, where she and William were referred to an orphanage. After investigations, ultimately they were sent to our home. 

At NPH El Salvador, they have a new family and all they need to overcome their difficulties.  They have love, a home and education. 

When Josseline started school, it became obvious she has learning disabilities and she was referred to the psychologist where she was diagnosed with a low IQ and slow language development.  She received extra help in our onsite school in the special education classroom. She advanced, but not to the extent that we hoped. 

A few years after Josseline began school, we had the opportunity to have the NeuroNet program in our home.  Josseline was one of the first children to participate in this program. After three years of following the therapies, she has overcome many of her difficulties.  Josseline is studying now at the third grade level and her improvements are greater every day.  We are sure that Josseline will overcome all her challenges, and she will be a very capable girl who will be able to do whatever she chooses.