The Power of Love

The Power of Love

Yoan, 4, Dominican Republic

This four-year-old boy was unable to walk or talk and was severely dehydrated and congested to the point that he had trouble breathing and was running a fever.  His first two weeks were spent in the clinic so that our medical staff could treat him and make sure he was in good health before being placed into our NPH home.  His future caregivers visited to ensure Yoan was familiar with them before he moved into the NPH house.  From the very first days you could see an instant connection between Yoan and his caregivers.

After his stay in the clinic, Yoan first moved into San Matias, our special needs house, because the medical staff was concerned that he couldn’t walk or talk at age four and needed a bit more care and attention.  Many of our older children took an instant liking to Yoan and either spent all their free time with him in San Matias or carried him around the home, familiarising him with the area. 

Our physical therapist, was not convinced that Yoan had special needs though; she was certain that Yoan was able to function normally and was determined to prove it.  One day, when Allison was working with Yoan a cat passed by and he quietly said, “meow.” About a week after that, he was able to pull himself up and walk with the support of a chair or wall.  Everyone who had been so involved in this case was heart-warmed and very proud. 

After these first small successes, Yoan continued to improve and progress until the decision was made that it would be more beneficial if he moved into Casa Santa Lucia, our youngest children’s house.  He made the switch after three months in San Matias and he was quite comfortable there from the start. Soon after arriving to Santa Lucia, he took his first steps without any help.  According to his tía, his face lit up with such a sense of accomplishment and from that moment on, he couldn’t be stopped.