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El Salvador

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Built in the style of our flagship home in Mexico, Casa Sagrada Familia is a self-contained flourishing home located between Santa Ana and Texistepeque.

Established in 1999 as the sixth NPH home, over 300 children and youths live at the main site while 50 high school and university students live in student homes in Santa Ana.

El Salvador still remains devastated after their 12-year civil war. The rate of violence and crime is very high and many children became orphans because of the war. The NPH property includes a preschool through secondary school, clinic, administrative offices, chapel, vocational workshops, farm and gardens, dining room and kitchen; houses for the boys, girls and the babies.

At the University level, there are 27 young adults, studying different careers, such as Psychology, Medicine, Law, Accounting and Communications. This year we have two young men and one of young lady studying abroad in the United States and Mexico.

Inspired by the success of NPH Mexico’s folkloric dance group, NPH El Salvador dance and chorus group soon followed in their footsteps. They began performing locally for fundraising purposes and in the United States. This gives the children a sense of contributing to their family along with the joyfulness and therapy that music and dance can bring.

Country Facts

  • Number of Children living in the home: 322
  • Total Child Population: 331
  • Kindergarten Graduates: 4
  • Primary Graduates: 24
  • High School Graduates: 12
  • University Students: 27
  • Volunteers: 2
  • Childcare workers: 23

Responsible in El Salvador

Olegario Campos

National Director El Salvador


Olegario arrived with his two brothers at NPH Mexico when he was 8-years-old. After completing secondary school and then two years of service he worked in various roles at NPH Mexico for over 20 years. Then in 1998, Fr. Wasson then asked Olegario to help him open a home in El Salvador. Olegario has worked 35 years of his life for the NPH family including the last 14 years in El Salvador.

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