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60 Years of Caring for Children

In the fertile valley that once was the personal property of Hernan Cortes resides an old, converted sugar plantation, Hacienda San Salvador, our flagship home.

This site of 200 acres has served as the main facility for the NPH Mexico family since 1970. Always bustling with activity, over 435 children live, play and study in this village of Miacatlán, 77 miles south of Mexico City.


Hacienda San Salvador includes pre-school through secondary, a farm with cows, chickens and pigs, greenhouse and vegetable gardens, chapel, dining hall, kitchen, clinic and administration buildings.


An additional 148 students attend the NPH vocational high school in Cuernavaca. Many then go on to university where over 90 young adults are enrolled, living in students houses in the university capital of Monterrey, Mexico.
Even farther north, in Matamoros, Mexico, reside more of our extended family, City of the Children. This home received the first children in 2008 and is now home to 41 children under age 16.


Aside from an active sports program, NPH Mexico has a proud tradition of its young people's talent as musicians, folk dancers and Tae Kwon Do athletes. At least twice a year, the dance and music troupe travel abroad performing their own Ballet Folkloric to raise funds to help support their family.


In 2011, the home began accepting children from the war torn region of Juarez, where many children are abandoned while their parents seek a better life across the border.

Country Facts

  • Number of Children living in the home: 694
  • Total Child Population: 760
  • Kindergarten Graduates: 13
  • Primary Graduates: 63
  • High School Graduates: 29
  • Vocational Certificate earned in a trade: 29
  • University Students: 90
  • Volunteers: 20
  • Childcare workers as staff: 35 (year of service: 65)

Responsible in Mexico

Rafael Bermudez

National Director Mexico


Rafael arrived at NPH Mexico when he was only five years old. After excelling in his studies, Rafael moved to the US to attend Andrew College in Georgia on a soccer scholarship for two years before going to the University of Saint Thomas in Miami. Rafael then worked at NPH Honduras for more than 10 years. In 2001, he returned to NPH Mexico and began working in administration eventually becoming the National Director.