Clean Water for our Children


There are 663 million people, equal to around 1 out of 10 people in the world, who live without clean water.


Some of these people include our children before they arrived at NPH. As a result of not having access to clean water, many of our children suffered from parasites, even life-threatening illnesses, and arrived at our clinic in need of urgent care.


In areas where clean water is not an option, NPH makes it one; whether it be setting up a filtration system or digging a well. Thanks to international support, NPH brings this precious resource to our children to protect their right to clean water and sanitation, so that they have the opportunity to grow up with healthy bodies and minds.


NPH Mexico is made up of five homes including three schools. Our biggest home in Mexico is situated in the village of Miacatlan; there we raise our youngest children and offer education up to ninth grade. 554 children are currently living there.


We are very proud of the level of self-sustainability that our house has achieved. In our two greenhouses we grow our own tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, lettuce, spinach as well as many other vegetables. In our fields we grow mainly corn and sorghum, and in smaller amounts we grow peanuts, pumpkins, green tea, hibiscus flower and others. We use seasonal rain water from June to September to irrigate our crops and the rest of the year we use our irrigation system that uses water from a local lake to irrigate our crops. For our daily use of water we have three wells that provide us with clean water.


Our other homes are located in cities and we must pay for city water. We are charged annually for this water use.


You can help supply clean water for our children in NPH Mexico by supporting this vital project.

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