Art as part of education

At the special needs programs Art Therapy is incorporated into the education programs – it is not treated as a specific subject or therapy. All of the special education programs. incorporate a high level of art therapy and creative arts – in therapeutic, cultural and artistic senses.

Trained educators

All of our educators have received training from Irish, French and Haitian therapy volunteers. Our physical therapists all work with the children and young adults to develop their fine and gross motor skills ensuring that they become as independent as possible.

At present, at Kay Ste Germaine Special Needs School there are 93 students enrolled for the new academic year and there are 14 students and young adults at the L’Arche de Noe program for Kay Christine residents in Kenscoff.

Photographer: Marie Carmelle
Marie Carmelle & Chivanne

And then there’s you…

This development of motor skills and, let’s be honest, fun and happiness has all been made possible with your support. Thank you.

Whether you’re an existing donor or inspired to help for the first time by this article, we and our patients would be very grateful.