Putting children first

At NPH we put children first, including in their right to protection and freedom from exploitation and abuse. Child protection is at the heart of the family childcare provided by NPH.

Why you should report abuse

To protect children, NPH needs to know about any threat to the safety or well-being of children.

Who should contact us

In short, anyone who personally experiences abuse or who hears of it.

You could be a:

  • child in an NPH home or a community where NPH works
  • staff member
  • visitor to an NPH home
  • volunteer
  • family
  • … or a journalist, supplier, or anyone else who has contact with NPH

What we mean by abuse?

Abuse can take many forms, too many to list all of them, but here are some examples:

  • Bullying, whether by other children, staff, family, visitors or volunteers
  • Inappropriate physical contact, including sexual contact
  • Children being required to do work that is unsafe

In short, anything that is not conducive to the safety or well-being of the child.

What you should do

Contact us and we will take action, with priority given to ensuring the well-being of the child concerned.

Our commitment to you

You will hear from us within 3 days. If you indicate to us that it is an emergency, we will take action as soon as we possibly can.

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