Support children to overcome poverty and become leaders

There are many ways to help our transformative work and make a difference in the lives of thousands of children.

Your support will fund the basics for NPH children to grow as well as everything else they need to really flourish.

From desperation to unlimited possibilities

Imagine the good fortune of these children, born into a life of desperation, and now enjoying unlimited possibilities.

Supporting a family with over 6,400 children is a big challenge. All NPH children have dreams and hopes, though we can’t always fulfill them. But with your help our children have enough to eat, develop properly, are given good schooling and can learn a profession.

Through NPH you can help children in Latin America and the Caribbean in many ways.

Some ways to help


In NPH children’s homes and in nearby communities we carry out a varied range of projects to give children the best possible outlook for the future. This includes kindergarten, schools and workshops, as well as clinics, smallholdings and many other facilities. NPH also works to strengthen families in the communities where we work.

Working at the farm
Working on the farm at NPH Honduras

Your financial support makes all the difference to NPH children.

Become a sponsor

By becoming a sponsor you can offer a child dependable, long-term support. You will accompany a child on their way into a brighter future and you’ll play a part in their development and successes.

As a sponsor you’ll offer a child happiness and hope.

You can provide help where it is most needed!

If you want to be sure that your donation will be put to good use where it’s urgently needed, then NPH is the right organization for you. Read about what makes NPH unique.

We can assure you that your donation will be applied to pressing needs. At NPH we pay very close attention to ensure that your financial support is put to the best possible use.

Thank you for putting your trust in NPH.

Support our family with your company

Do you run a business. Do you want to show your commitment to social responsibility in Ireland but also further afield? Would you like to invest in a cause that can become self-sustaining and help people to improve their own circumstances?

Contact us to find out more about the different ways of collaborating with NPH Ireland.