A Christmas thank you to Special Needs staff

In Kay Christine this year we would like to say thank you to our staff with a gift, and also raise what funds we can to get 2022 off to a good start

As we do so, we would love if you might also do a little something extra for them and give them a thought, a prayer and make a donation to sponsor a gift.

2021 has been a tough one!

This has been a tough year for us in Haiti. It seems like it is has been one thing after another: strikes, kidnappings, murder, violence, Covid, earthquake, fuel shortages, peyi lok– total lock down of the country by gangs. It is fair to say that we are all feeling a bit wrecked, as there does not seem to have been any let up all year.

Normally by now the radios would be belting out the Christmas music but instead the daily talk is of kidnappings, fuel shortages, gangs and countless victims. It is so sad. Even in Kay Christine, the daily chatter is always related to the state of the country and you can feel just how worried everyone is about the country. Worried and afraid.

“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone”

Charles M. Schulz

Keep on smiling

Despite this, we (the residents and myself) are determined to keep smiling and keep finding ways to get people laughing. We find silly ways to distract people from their worries and not a day goes by that we don’t have fun and laughter about the place.

As we recognize how difficult things are for our staff, we want to do something extra nice for them this Christmas. So, our creative residents along with their wonderful teachers have turned the workshop into a gift making hive of activity.

The idea is to make beautiful gifts from recycled materials and then give to all the staff on Christmas Day. Our young people are having great fun making the gifts. We would love it if once again you would sponsor a gift, as you did last year with the lovely decorations.

Our deserving staff

Our staff are so deserving of these gifts- through thick and thin, they are always there for us. They brave the winds and the rains, the barricades and the burning tyres- they are unbelievable!

Your donations will help ensure our programme continues and will allow us to purchase an individual gift for our staff in Kay Christine – 52 in all – including carers, laundry ladies, teachers, therapists, drivers, cooks and nurses.

More photos coming your way

We will be posting more pictures of the gifts being made and also stories and photos of our wonderful staff. Many of you are very familiar with the young people in Kay Christine. This will be a good opportunity to get to know a little bit about the adults that play a huge role in all our lives here in Kay Christine. You will get to know the men and women that we call family here in Kay Christine. And as you all know, there is no greater gift than a family wrapped together in LOVE.

If you’d like to sponsor a gift and support Special Needs, please fill in the following form and we’ll take you through our secure payment system.

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