Children Given Opportunity to Succeed

On rolling hills of picturesque farmland, family-style homes dot the landscape in Jinotepe where Casa Padre Wasson is located, just 1.5 hours south of the capital.

Over 250 children live in the 16 family style homes, complete with porches, courtyards and cement pathways throughout. An additional 175 students are supported through a scholarship program or live in student homes in the capital. Opening in 1994, Nicaragua became the third NPH home in Central America.

NPH Nicaragua has an onsite school for children through the ninth grade and a vocational workshop program planned for the future. Students attending high school or studying a technical career attend school in the community. The facilities also include a dining hall, auditorium, administrative offices and volunteer and staff housing.

A school room at NPH Nicaragua

Casa Padre Wasson also has an expansive greenhouse project, along with vegetable fields, to help our children to learn about growing their own produce and also provide the kitchen with nutritious and fresh vegetables. Two additional properties also function as farms, providing pork, chicken and eggs, including a variety of vegetables and citrus.

In 2010, an outreach program called the Samaritan Project began on Ometepe Island. Four NPH volunteer therapists started to work with children with disabilities that never received care. After moving the original NPH orphanage to the mainland, volunteers stayed on the island to continue to provide services for the children and their families.

Additional NPH Nicaragua outreach includes in-kind donation distribution to needy communities, including a prison and garbage dump and a community drug prevention program coordinated by the home’s chaplain.

Country Facts

Number of Children living in the home: 253
Total Child Population: 451
Kindergarten Graduates: 9
Primary Graduates: 15
High School Graduates: 5
University Students: 20
Volunteers: 13
Childcare workers: 37