Kay Christine

Kay Christine is a large 2-storey house situated in the grounds of St Hélène home in Kenscoff. Here at our residential facility we provide 24-hour care to 35 individuals with disabilities ranging from the mild to severe. International visiting specialists such as UNICEF and Humanity & Inclusion have noted the excellent quality of life the children and adults with severe disabilities in our care receive, which includes rehabilitation therapy and special education.

In Kay Christine we strive above all else to create a sense of family and love among the residents, staff and other children within the orphanage. It is also important to us that where possible people living in the house be given a degree of independence and integrated into normal life. This policy has seen children within Kay Christine represent Haiti in the Special Olympics and work within Kay Germaine as teaching assistants.

Kay Germaine

Inspired from the success and knowledge gained from Kay Christine we expanded the programme to reach out into the communities of Port-au-Prince and offer support to families that had children with disabilities.

Kay Germaine students dancing
Kay Germaine students dancing

In 2008 the facility developed into Kay Germaine, the only special education school of its kind in Haiti. Here we provide specialised education services and ongoing rehabilitation to children with disabilities. Kay Germaine is also unique in that our skilled ex-pat volunteers train and up-skill local therapists giving our program a greater degree of sustainability and self-sufficiency into the future.

In Kay Germaine we have 9 class rooms, a sensory room, 5 rehabilitation rooms and a swimming pool for aquatic therapy.

Kay Gabriel

Kay Gabriel is our newest facility. Located on the same site as Kay Germaine, here we provide rehabilitative therapy for children and adults with neurological disorders.

After the earthquake in 2010, the demand for our therapy services increased dramatically. Kay Germaine began to offer therapy to the victims (adults and children), while also continuing to provide physical therapy to the children of the school. With this increase in demand, space became an ever more critical issue resulting in the eventual development of Kay Gabriel (adjacent to Kay Germaine) in 2013. This facility now forms the therapy wing of our program treating children from the school and adult patients with neurological conditions, most notably stroke.

In Kay Gabriel we now have 7 local therapists and 2 local speech therapists who provide treatment to over 500 outpatients and 72 Kay Germaine students (Currently 92 children attend the school).

Kay Eliane

Kay Eliane is our smallest project. Here in our youth and young adult workshop in Petionville, we provide a safe and educational environment for graduates of Kay Ste Germaine School and Kay Christine young adults.

External student knitting at Kay Eliane
External student knitting at Kay Eliane

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