Gangs and guns

Gangs and Guns,
Murders and rapes,
Burnt houses, burnt police stations,
Empty schools, empty streets,
In house,
Imprisoned at home while the prisoners were sprung free.
Daily Dead.
Daily shot – dead bodies on the streets.
Unidentified bodies have names –
and families!
Even in death their weary bodies find no peace,
Left to feed the dogs and the pigs while wailing mothers wonder what happened to their sons that never made it home.
Traumatized families hunted from their humble homes try to find a place where the bullets and the gangs can’t find them.
Nomads – not by choice – and no sign of any green pasture to lay down a weary head.
Politicians, gangs and diplomats talk the talk and promise the promises but the ones walking
the walk are the poor.
Time and time again the poor are pushed and shoved and battered and bloodied and,
still the powers that be, spill lies, turning blind eyes.
Talking for the need for peace without making any efforts to sow one seed of precious peace.
Vested interests-guns and drugs
Well lined pockets of fancy suited thugs.
Gangs in sandals and Gangs wearing suits
Ghettos and boardrooms
United in evil
Computing horror and death
In destruction they find wealth.
Gangs and Guns
Threaten to kill Hope
But Hope Springs Eternal
And one day the guns will be silenced.
One day.

Gena Heraty
6 March 2024