Your support changes everything

If you spend just a few days at any NPH location, you will hear stories. Open, friendly children and adults will readily share their stories with you. Trauma aren’t quickly overcome and still show in the faces and demeanor of some. More often than not, though, you will hear tales of positive transformation, how NPH, thanks to support from people like you, has changed so many lives.

Art therapy as education

Artist at Special Needs
A patient at one of our art therapy classes

Art therapy is fun, but it’s also an integral part of the education programmes at NPH Haiti Special Needs.

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Maternity care for high-risk patients

Doctors checking a patient
Doctors checking a patient at St. Damien

St. Damien’s Rita Merli maternity programme opened its doors right after the 2010 earthquake and provides specialized care for high-risk patients.

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Lifesaving surgery defies national crisis in Haiti

Fara and her mother at St. Damien
Fara and her mother at St. Damien

A mother reflects on the lifesaving care her daughter received. And she thanks NPH Haiti for providing reliable, no-cost care to those who need it.

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